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Our Story

Premium tree-ripened organic fruit since 2008

The Tree-Ripened Difference

Limelight Groves is an organic ranch tucked away in the rolling hills of De Luz. Our mission is to bring you what our founder Bill Vogel calls “good-eatin’ fruit.” Each of our items is tree-ripened, meaning there’s that sweet taste of California sunshine in every bite. We grow the local classics—avocados and citrus—as well as a premium selection of sub-tropical fruits, such as lychee and starfruit. We grow what we sell in De Luz, CA.

We’re among the largest growers of organic limes in California and one of only a handful farms on the continental US to produce dessert guava. We’re organic because we believe in better farming practices for sustainability and a better future for all.

Agriculture Is In Our Roots

Bill comes from a long line of farmers in the American Upper-Midwest. He has over 40 years of experience working closely with farmers in Mexico and beyond to supply grocery stores with the best tasting, highest quality produce.

In 2000 an avocado ranch in De Luz captured his heart. With the area’s rich terroir and micro-climate where frost is rare, Bill saw the potential for something special. But what did it mean to be a farmer in the 21st century? Being a good steward of the land, to begin with, and reducing our carbon footprint… He came up with a plan.

Bill decided to cultivate a selection of locally grown premium items, otherwise shipped to California from afar. The farm would also be organic, for a smaller footprint and a more flavorful product. Add to that the premium taste of tree-ripened fruit, and it’s love at first bite.