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Certified Organic

Organic agriculture is a key part of our efforts to be a sustainable, eco-friendly farm.

We are committed to being responsible stewards of the land, protecting its well-being and that of our customers for generations to come. Our trees and soil are cared for in harmony with Mother Nature. We treat our neighbors, be they flora or fauna, with respect.

Limelight Groves boast some 47 acres of certified organic crops. We are certified by both the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and the third-party organic certifying agency Organic Certifiers.

  • For insect control, we use only OMRI-listed materials and beneficial predatory insects.
  • Weeds are mowed and removed by hand, not sprayed.
  • Our fertilizers and crop inputs are made up of natural and organic materials, such as chicken manure pellets, mulch, compost, or are materials that are OMRI-listed and organic-approved.
  • Soil erosion is controlled by leaving a layer of weed roots in the soil, holding it in place and absorbing run-off water during rainy season
  • Our trees are sourced from Non-GMO nurseries when available.
California Department of Food and Agriculture
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